The Company - ThermoForge Engineering Industries Private Limited

ThermoForge Engineering Industries Private Limited is contemplating an in-house design center is in place with CAD capabilities to sketch out the client’s needs and visualization into executable dreams. Being in-house, seamless transforming of visualized components to precision making becomes swift

Quality Assurance team & tesing labs, to comply with the international certifying bodies like ISO, are in place right from the day one of production, securing more reliability for ThermoForge Engineering Industries Private Limited

Adhering to the timeline makes Thermoforge more proximal to the Mega Engineering Production units, as Time management to achieve delivering On-Time is of prime importance at ThermoForge.

The Team

We, at Thermoforge, are driven by a team of members with passion for success and technological fete:

Mrs. Deepa Vijayakumar: A 1st generation entrepreneur and NRI who has been a visionary to our dream project of Thermoforge

Mrs. Bhuvaneswari Seetharaman: also a 1st generation entrepreneur and successfully running a consultancy, with 10 years of strong industrial / FMCG background

Mr.R.Seetharaman: Strong technical expertise and leadership qualities with proven track record of 25+ years in the field of automotive and auto parts manufacturing companies - both in Indian and international, with ‘Quality is free’ attitude


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